Oyster Shell Recycling Program

Be kind and recycle. That’s how we roll. 😎

Sea-N-Suds has always been a part of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach community. We love to hear success stories that happen right here in our area. One we are particularly proud of is the Alabama Oyster Shell Recycling Program that began in August of 2016.

Oysters play a huge roll in our local economy, especially the restaurant industry. Our locals and visitors love oysters. Fresh, raw, steamed, fried, grilled, well you get the idea, we LOVE oysters. The program was designed by the Alabama Coastal Foundation to help conserve oyster habitats, limit erosion, and improve water quality to ensure the healthy growth of this species.

Local restaurants who partner with the program do just as it says in the name, we recycle oyster shells. The shells are collected from our Sea-N-Suds restaurant by Republic Services and are taken to cure for six months before being placed in the reefs. The program has collected enough shells to create over 25 acres of habitat for oysters, fish, shrimp, birds, and other animals. This huge success contributes to our local economy and ecosystem.

We are proud to be a part of the Alabama Oyster Recycling Program and look forward to serving fresh oysters for generations to come. After all, we are a family tradition!